No Terror in The Bang is an Alternative Metal band, with female vocals, invented by Alexis Damien (former Pin-up went down, Composition, Drums) & Sofia Bortoluzzi (Vocals), in Rouen,France, in March 2019. Etienne Cochin (Guitar), Brice Bouchard (Bass), Clément Bernard (Guitar), Romain Greffe (keys).


They HAVE created an alternative & IMMERsive music, between ART-ROCK, WITCH-HOUSE, METAL AND CLASSICAL & CINEMATOGRAPHIC MUSIC. 

The music of the band is an oxymoron, between powerfull darkness & subtle chiaroscuro

“There is no terror in the bang, only in the anticipation of it.” (Alfred Hitchcock)

This is a tribute to one of cinema's most eminent artist. It evokes calm before the storm, oppressive atmospheres. "Bang" symbolizes impact, violence, "Terror", acid harmony.

Band's tone is intended to be both contemplative, melancholic, abstract…It can be turbulent and frantic too. Sofia's spellbinding voice transports you to an inner world. Between dreams and nightmares.

The 3d single "Poison" is out worldwide 28 july 2020 with M&O music label. The band is recording his first album (march 2021).